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Ability to import a .tif tile set and retain its properties from the Geotif header. And then reapply the same header for reimporting the same tile set without a geotif header. This one is a no brainer… Think world creator, world machine or any similar app

Under Review
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Landscape material setup for tiles with weightmaps for landcover

It would be really nice if there was a landscape material base that could be used for each tile with matching weightmaps to cover landcover classes. And if possible a way to get the landcover data directly together with the satellite map for the entire heightmap used to generate the landscape. This is from mapbox […]

Under Review
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S2GLC support

Provide an option to import Sentinel 2 Global Land Cover data to UE5 Landscape. An example from the GeotiffLandscape GitHub: https://github.com/iwer/GeotiffLandscape#features

Under Review
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Splat map for Foliage creation

It would be great to have an option for foliage creation that uses splat maps for density/placement. SimpleScatter is an existing UE plugin that offers this but the technique doesn’t work anymore as it doesn’t play nicely with streaming proxy landscapes. It would be fantastic to have this functionality if it could be done.

Under Review